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UNIK is the University Graduate Center at Kjeller. For a full description, please visit the UNIK home page (

ITS leads
  • D0.1.1 (Title Collaborative Knowledge Platform)
  • D0.1.2 (Title Annual Reporting Year 1)
  • D0.1.3 (Title Annual Reporting Year 2)
  • D0.5 (Title Scientific Paper #2)
  • D1.2.1 (Title Methods for measurable security (draft))
  • D1.2.2 (Title Methods for measurable security (final) )
  • D3.1.1 (Title Multi-metrics analysis of applications on the smart-grid infrastructure (draft))
  • T0.1 (Title Project management, Collaboration platform, supervision of PhD students)
  • T1.2 (Title Measurable: security, privacy and dependability, metrics)
  • T3.1 (Title Multi-metrics applied for application-driven infrastructures)

ITS is involved in the following activities

Involvement of people and activities from ITS: