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Oslo, Norway
Kinshasa, Congo, Democratic Republic of the
March 28th
CEO of Nextelco Norway and Nextelco sprl in DRC-Congo. One side works with technology and financing and an other part focus on license and regulation issues and local commercialization.

About me

Places I have lived
I lived in Kinshasa, Brazzaville, France and Norway.
Guy is educated in both Psychology from University of caen France, and computer engineering at the University of Oslo.
About me
Guy Kamanda is a technology voluntarist. Early in the end 1990, Guy based in Norway travels back to Congo bringing the new "mantra" that will liberate the African people, in this case the Congolese: The internet." This is a gift, a presence just given that the country can appropriate to fill the digital gap between the developed and industrialized world and the emerging economy.I participate as an entrepreneur and expert when setting the first regulatory environment for the internet industry, and positioning the internet to the newly telecom paradigm in Africa, which was the GSM. But the internet as first a written media took more time to emerge, hanging back the GSM. But now the time is in, and the internet is now more than simple media,It is a huge multimedia engine, it is a language, it is an infrastructure, it is a set of daily services and strategic applications, all encapsulated to what we call e-cloud. Financially, the Africa continent is now the place where the RoI seems to be very high than anywhere. The skepticism that we met in the end 90's is no longer ajour. So to say Time is inn for huge investment in the internet industry in Africa. The maturation of the Wireless technology, Wimax and LTE, is absolutely the ultim rendez-vous of the Continent with the internet.