InfoSpot Configuration

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Disclaimer: This compendium provides information on how to configure anInfoSpot. The compendium is foreseen for competence centres who want to learn about the detailed configuration.

InfoSpot Configuration

InfoSpot Configuration
a guide for Competence Centres
Josef Noll
InfoSpot Configuration
BasicInternet & UiO

To be discussed: Should we use for the technical discussions?

⌘ How an InfoSpot works

Figure 1: InfoSpot with three components

This part is identical to the Tutorial on how to build an InfoSpot

  • What is an InfoSpot?  % InfoSpot: story telling bla bla
  • Equipments needed  % mast, antenna, SIM, LNCC, RPI/Server
  • Examples of InfoSpots  % inside and examples
  • Information for your community

⌘ Components and functionality

InfoSpot Configuration
What is an InfoSpot?
InfoSpot Components
InfoSpot Configuration

⌘ Configuration

  • Preparing the configuration files; owncloud;
  • Antenna configuration
  • LNCC configuration
  • Raspberry Pi configuration
  • Building a mesh network to reach further

⌘ Testing

⌘ Registration of Devices

  • What is the Wiki and how to edit a Wiki?
  • How to register the antenna
  • How to register the LNCC

⌘ Error search

  • how to search

⌘ Open issues and work to do

  • Platform for discussion and error handling (ticket system)
  • Automatic configuration of the LNCC
  • Wordpress & owncloud, or alternatives for a decentralised cloud
  • Update of the wiki (new skin)
  • Update of the maincorerouter
  • Monitoring of all active devices
  • Status of SIM cards (interface to operator)

⌘ Technical issues

  • Public key from LNCC (to register on the Maincorerouter)
  • Building the DNS for AMP filtering (allowing all AMP pages)

Note or registration:

  • Public Key from LNCC,
  • register on Web page at BasicInternet (GForm), copy to ssh
  • Accept from maincorerouter