Building InfoSpots

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Disclaimer: This compendium provides information on how to create a wireless Information Spot (InfoSpot). The compendium is foreseen for community members looking forward to establish access to Internet Internet in their community.

Building InfoSpots

Building InfoSpots
Josef Noll
Building InfoSpots
Basic Internet

⌘ How an InfoSpot works

  • What is an InfoSpot?  % InfoSpot: story telling bla bla
  • Equipments needed  % mast, antenna, SIM, LNCC, RPI/Server
  • Examples of InfoSpots  % inside and examples
  • Information for your community

⌘ How to establish an InfoSpot

Building InfoSpots
What is an InfoSpot?
Electromagnetic Signals
Building InfoSpots

⌘ Connect to a Regional Competence Center (RCC)

⌘ Configuration of Devices

see: InfoSpot Configuration % register the devices

⌘ Preparation of Installation

  • receive the devices
  • purchase a SIM card
  • activate the SIM card, remove PIN code
  • establish the antenna; insert the SIM card
  • connect the cables
  • perform tests before going out into the field

⌘ Installation at the location

  • re-measure the direction of the mobile tower
  • perform the tests
  • organise an InfoMeeting with the community
  • create some pictures & provide a short story
  • send an Impact Report (after 3 month, 6 months, 12 months)