5G Drivers

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5G drivers

5G and the development of LTE is all about customer satisfaction and high-bandwidth services. Some ideas have been published through publications and presentations regarding 5G (Beyond 4G), at http://references.jnoll.net - follow also the links to tutorials and presentations.

I the Beyond 4G tutorial I explained "why LTE is not 4G", but why business will name it 4G. Thus we introduced 5G as the "system of systems", and what you described Customer Centric process.

From my view the need for integration comes from the need of delivering a quality network for mobile services, consisting of:

  • quality of experience where it is necessary
  • quadratic growth in bandwidth demand for wireless services
  • the real usage scenario (of more than 90% of LTE customers being indoor)
  • the penetration losses for "state-of-the-art" buildings being as high as 40 dB
  • (green IT - minimum radio/energy for delivering services)
  • (health aspects of wireless)

The first four bullets are my main drivers for a network of networks, and the need for collaboration between the market players. The other two bullets might gain increased attention in the future.

The question for me is how the business players (telecom) will compete with the IT-players (Google, Apple) to get an ecosystem working. What is interesting to see right now is that IT requires the "always-on", whereas Telecom still limits to "my network in my country".

On the other hand, none of the IT-players is known for collaboration, while Telecom have worked together with customers for quite a while. Thus Telecom understands better what collaboration (in terms of customers) is. Apple has created collaborations through their business model, but force their customers into just one platform.