AGCO-BIF Introduction

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AGCO-BIF Introduction

Title AGCO-BIF Introduction/Norad Corporation Framework Conditions
Date, Time 2020/07/20, 1300-1400
Contact Person Brenda
Participants Benard Ngwene, Sharon Waswa, Josef Noll, Brenda Jimris-Rekve
related to Project BasicInternet
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  • AGCO is an agricultural company providing mechanisation
  • Benard Ngwene works as the agricultural Advisory Manager Africa at AGCO with the office in South Africa while Sharon Waswa is charged with training covering the big part of the value chain
  • AGCO has a training center incorporated in their farm in Zambia

Framework Conditions Application-Norad

  • AGCO works with Yara in Zambia and therefore Benard will reach out to their Yara International counterparts in Zambia to provide links to the Yara counterparts in Kenya regarding the project
  • AGCO and Yara are not competitors and have already been working together
  • Basic Internet is Present in 9 countries globally of which 5 are in Africa but we still do not have local presence in Zambia
  • Our focus is on digital empowerment -Our countries of partnership
  • Our digital Health Intervention is promoted through our healthcare platform known as which has realised 60% knowledge updated achieved in several villages in Tanzania
  • Therefore, Agricultural knowledge is vital to the villages and this is what this continual framework would like to focus on with AGCO in Kenya.
  • Our vision is through the concept of the Digital Public Goods from the United Nations High Level Panel on Digital Inclusion *The question is that can the knowledge become part of the Digital Public Goods ?
  • There is the need for people to have access to information that they need to drive the development agenda and achieve it
  • Our internet lite advocates for 10GB offering information in form of compressed texts and messages, which is equivalent to 10hrs of video
  • Tablets are offered to info-spot centres in the villages where some individuals cannot afford smart phones
  • Basic Internet Foundation works with telecom providers in the various countries and it is therefor important to note that we are not competitors to the mobile providers
  • Our current project is the National Knowledge Portal which we hope that in the long-rand, the governments will be part of
  • Our National Knowledge Portal concept is tailored for different countries with the idea being that the content on the platform is tailored towards the communities needs

Conclusion/Moving forward

  • Sharon will take over the project with BasicInternet
  • In Kenya, the Norad proposal will focus on input and mechanisation whereby the input will be from Yara International while mechanisation will be provided by AGCO
  • Sharon will provide a concept note on the expected practical outcome for demand of input and mechanisation before our next meeting on the 22nd of July
  • Putting into consideration that the project proposal requires public-private partnerships, it is important to note that Basic Internet Foundation is a non-commercial entity (NGO) registered in Norway.
  • Through AGCO, we would like to reach the local businesses in Kenya while the other counterparts in Rwanda (Iris-Hub) will focus on ICT and job-creation
  • The target here is the local businesses in emerging economies- The topics or content should help empower the people and provide good parameters
  • The link to the project proposal is here:
-Startegic partnerships by norwegian govt