BG:Click on Crowdfunding takes you directly to JegVilBidra page

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Title Click on Crowdfunding takes you directly to JegVilBidra page
Type functionality
Severity 3-normal
Keywords Crowdfunding, Useability
Date (expected, solved,...)
Expected Version v2.8
Status Solved&Tested
Summary (1-2 lines): Increased useability, clicking on crowdfunding symbol takes you directly to "jeg vil bidra" page
Test Procedure: test with Tracksaa, click on Crowdfunding symbol
News: Looks better!

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The click on the crowdfunding symbol Crowdfunding tight.png brings you directly to the page "jeg vil bidra" (I want to support).

Page "JegVilBidra"

This is a sketch of the "JegVilBidra" page. The page should also be updated, moving the "options for support (donate, fund, shares)" into the gray box at the side. Some more typing errors should be removed:

  • receives
  • are connected and make ....



Q: On which page's crowdfunding symbol click lead to this page?
A: On every page where you find the crowdfunding symbol, the click on the symbol will take you to "JegVilBidra". If the user is not logged-in, then you just have to bring him through the login page before taking to "JegVilBidra".

13th June

Deployed in TEST environment, please have a look.