BG:Feedback to InnoBors01

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Title Feedback to InnoBors
Type functionality
Severity 3-normal
Keywords feedback
Date (expected, solved,...) 2012/05/25
Expected Version v2.7
Status Solved, Open
Summary (1-2 lines): allows for feedback on the InnoBors
Test Procedure: * test feedback and see if mail is sent to

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would like to see a feedback on the page, allowing for users to directly get in contact with us. Should go to

The feedback should contain a "system dump" of OS (Windows, Mac, mobile,...) and Browser (IE, Opera, ...)

Update 9.May2012

Email should go to - forwarded to (Josef has created directly from registrar)

12th Sept

The above request is done.


Is there a way of generating database entries from the feedback? - My ultimate goal would be that a feedback comes automatically into the wiki as a "feedback".