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Title New development environment
Type layout
Severity 1-urgent
Keywords MVC4, .NET, CSS
Date (expected, solved,...)
Expected Version v3.2
Status New
Summary (1-2 lines): Move to MVC4 .net development, using conventional .css pages
Test Procedure: present first page with elements from
News: according to email 25. Nov 2012

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Moving from the current development over to a "template-based" development. I would like to use templates as they make the design consistent.


Can you please use "the day today" to look into MVC4, and how to implement templates? Alternatively look into development units? Reason to move towards MVC4, is the envisaged use of OData. 

Design Templates

Regarding the design, I'm currently looking at:

Any idea which of them we could "tweet" into a "foend"-like design?