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BSR Innovation Express targets groups of SMEs and/or cluster initiatives and their partners (e.g. technology providers, large companies, universities, research centres, etc.) in the Baltic Sea Region. With their proximity to firms, cluster organisations (or similar) are considered as an effective vehicle for involving SMEs which have more difficulties to develop international cooperation. They can also help them identify relevant partners to initiate trust‐building processes and generate market impact. Eligible applicants are SME networks or cluster governances located within a geographical area where a BSR Innovation Express funding partner is present (see funding partners below). Proposals must be submitted by the representative of the SME network/cluster initiative for the benefit of its SME members – in accordance with them and driven by their internationalisation needs.

Submission deadline: final submissions being made by October 31, 2014

All areas

  • A. Dissemination and promotion
  • B. Technological/Innovation advice
  • C. Networking and speed‐dating activities
  • D. Technology transfer
  • E. Financial engineering linked to RDI activities
  • F. Recruitment/training/education
  • G. Workshops and study trips
  • H. Cross‐sectorial inter‐cluster activities
  • I. Market research activities
  • J. Feasibility studies prior to RDI projects
  • K. Inter‐cluster strategy development activities

Areas in Norway

This chapter contains the areas where Norway has expressed interest, and the suggestions of Movation for collaboration

  • C - Networking and speed‐dating activities
  • F - Recruitment/training/education
  • H - Cross‐sectorial inter‐cluster activities
    • Movation: Security and Privacy challenges in eHealth, Ambient Assisted Living, ITS (intelligent transport systems), Sensor systems
    • FRUCT: location-based services for mHealth (home, hospital, ...) Geo2Tag platform
- target: tourist, travelling,
- museum
- services for logistic companies, ITS
- air quality on top of geo representation
- Caretech: location-based services @home, @hospital, @move, linked to personal activities. E.g. Heart-rate (UiO) and Blood-sugar (HiOA)
  • Innovation4All - Education and Innovation, ICT-driven education
Studix -> Education (rich content) over low-bandwith (thin lines)
  • I - Market research activities
  • J - Feasibility studies prior to RDI projects
    • Movation: UAV certification - novel IT-based solutions
    • UAV operations in the North
    • St. Petersburg Institute for Air Space Operations
  • K - Inter‐cluster strategy development activities
    • Movation: Business acceleration and collaboration with "the Bay" (Silicon Vikings)