BasicInternet:AION-Basicinternet Jan2020


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BasicInternet:AION-Basicinternet Jan2020

Title AION-Sigma_-_BasicInternet_Jan2020
Place ITS@Kjeller
Date, Time 2020/01/23, 1000-1200
Contact Person Kathe Arnesen
Participants Josef.Noll, Kathe Arnesen, Jari Ala-Ruona, Joakim Hedenstedt
related to Project BasicInternet
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Topics being discussed

  • common Nordic vision towards digital inclusion and empowerment
  • "Sharing digital connection"
  • Wholesale package, information spots and devices


  • working together
  • joined statement
  • solutions for village spots, sharing local content on devices
  • sharing digital connections
  • common project applications