BasicInternet:APC-BasicInternet Follow-up


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BasicInternet:APC-BasicInternet Follow-up

Title APC-BasicInternet Follow-up
Date, Time 2020/04/22, 1430-1530
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Josef.Noll, Mike Jensen, Carlos Rey-Moreno, Brenda Jimris-Rekve
related to Project BasicInternet
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To All:

15:08To All:

15:19Carlos (to All): with Barrack I was working last week for a TVWS public consultation in Kenya

15:20Brenda (to All): Nice. we first met at the East African Internet Governance forum in Arusha

15:22Carlos (to All): Very nice human

15:24Brenda (to All): He really is :-) We are glad to have him on board

15:28Mike (to All): Tnx folks.. sorry I have to go.. talk soon

15:29To All: sure, we follow-up with you later on - and sorry for all deiations

15:40Carlos (to All): Hi everyone, here are the details of the 5G engagement: "In a 90 minute discussion, Rhizomatica collaborators Steve Song and Peter Bloom will provide an overview of what 5G is and its implications, with a specific focus on the African context. Some of the questions we will address: * What is 5G? * What are the technical, social and regulatory implications of 5G? * How soon will 5G networks start appearing in Africa? * What about the rumors circulating around 5G and coronavirus?" When: Wednesday 22nd April, 15:00 UTC Where: Please feel free to share other questions /comments you may have on the topic here ahead of the webinar so they can also be discussed:

15:42To All:

15:42To All:

  • Josef: 3G has a range of 5-7kms signal reach/ availability but we reach 22kms by using a pole and directive antennae. 3G is the only way to get schools connected. Serving the 3G network will not cause traffic on the network
  • Mike put out the scalability challenge that Basic Internet Foundation may be face
  • Josef: The scalability problem is addressed using our internet lite model where the free information will be readily available on the server and the premium model will cover the heavy content that users will have to pay for through our voucher payment system on our platform. The notion is to keep the costs in the village low
  • Carlos: The capacity of link is limited thus a capacity problem in the network for them
  • Carlos. There is a need to provide linkage, step by step on content
  • Josef: The regulatory compliance is a nightmare for the network
  • Josef: There is a need to have a repository for Amp pages which can therefore be used for free