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Africa University/Basic Internet Next Steps
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BasicInternet:Africa University/Basic Internet Next Steps

Title BasicInternet:Africa University/Basic Internet Next Steps
Place GoToMeeting
Date, Time 2020/10/04, 14:00-15:00
Contact Person Brenda Jimris-Rekve
Participants Gilford Hapanyengwi, Josef Noll, Sanjay Maharaj, Brenda Jimris-Rekve, Pius I T Muzariri, Kuzvinetsa P Dzvimbo
related to Project Basic Internet, DigI
Keywords Africa University
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Proposal Update from Africa University

  • The proposal was submitted to Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe(Potraz) as they do have the Universal Access Fund
  • Potraz has confirmed that we can be able to acquire some funding
  • We will need to make a revised budget from the proposal
  • WE are now waiting for feedback from the Potraz board on what we need to restructure int he proposal
  • Potraz are enthusiastic about our project because we have meaningful content that they do lack

Action Points

  • Josef and Brenda to work on the proposal for Unicef Innovations
  • Josef to formulate the technical background for the APP/Knowledge Portal
  • Gilford to continue on the buz within the ecosystem

Next Meeting: Wed 21Oct2020 1400h Oslo time