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Africa University Zimbabwe Followup
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BasicInternet:Africa University Zimbabwe Followup

Title Africa University Zimbabwe Followup
Date, Time 2020/07/01, 1300-1330
Contact Person Pius I T Muzariri
Participants Josef Noll, Sanjay Maharaj, Gilford Hapanyengwi, Pius I T Muzariri, Brenda Jimris-Rekve
related to Project DigI, BasicInternet
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Notes from the meeting

The next meeting to discuss the concept paper is on 15th July 2020


The topics to of discussion:

  • The concept Note Status
  • Public-Private business partnerships
  • Sustainability
  • Select the service provider

Concept Note Status

  • Gilford has made the concept note draft and sent it to his colleagues at the university for review and additions
  • The concept note will be send out within 24-48 hours to all the participants int he meeting for review
  • There are discussions whether the concept paper is made to be a common agreement between BIF and Africa University

The Public Private Business partnerships

  • Use the concept paper as a point of departure for partnership with Unicef Foundation as an open source platform for schools connectivity and later scalable to the local community
  • An integrated approach will foster more partnerships
  • Suggestion of Africa University being a Think Tank where information sharing to the less deprived will be made possible
  • Involve Zimren and make it a neutral vendor
  • Suggestion to make the approach a part of CSR for companies?
  • The partnership has the potential of being split into two ;That is for both the commercial partners and the local community
  • Involve the Universal Access Fund (UCSAF)


  • Building of innovation Hubs in Zimbabwe will be the basis for the business seen by commercial entities and thereby addressing sustainability and fostering a sustainable business model
  • Building of the portal will be beneficial to students
  • We will zero in to Education 5.0 that in Zimbabwe
  • Work towards commercialising the project
  • The people in the rural communities can access information created by students who have benefited from the portal
  • Including skills in connectivity is paramount to help digital inclusion happen

Select the provider

  • The next meeting will follow-up on whom we will choose as the service provider