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African Child-Tanzania development trust-BasicInternet
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BasicInternet:African Child-Tanzania development trust-BasicInternet

Title African Child-Tanzania development trust-BasicInternet
Date, Time 2022/02/24, 0900-100
Contact Person Catherine R. Kimambo
Participants Josef.Noll, Janet Chapman, Sean Pious Sylvester
related to Project School Connectivity TZ, BasicInternet
Keywords School Connectivity
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Foster the exchange between the Tanzania development trust, African Child Projects and Basic Internet Foundation on School Connectivity and youth empowerment.


  • Connect 3 schools as pilot (2 schools Kagera and 1 school in Kigoma - 3 sets of Mickrotik devices to be donated)

Catherine to coordinate the installations, Monitoring and Evaluation Janet assist in collecting baseline data and assessment

  • Internet lite - promote the freemium (free & premium) model for access: "pedestrians and cyclists" on the Internet
  • RPI infrastructure (decentralised cloud)
  • training sessions will be given to teachers and the intervals for the training to be designed. The training should include features like Zoom, google meet etc and other hands on activities for the teachers
  • Monitoring and evaluation


School mapping

Empowerment of youth and women

Collaboratin and Partnership

  • ACT - (refurbished) Active Computers Tanzania - Moshi, Muanza,
  • Partners in Excellence (School content)
  • Rachel package on Raspberry Pi
  • Pixel - app