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Censurable case reporting

The Basic Internet Foundation ensures continuously the use and implementation of its work in light of the Norwegian Working laws. Thus, reporting every and each single censurable condition or behaviour will prevent any could happen incidents, that's why all the employees are strongly encouraged to report and speak up about any censurable case they experience or witness.

Type of conditions to report

Through the daily working life employee face many different conditions that are can happen to be in conflict with ethical guidelines or rules such like:

  1. Authority abuse
  2. Any forms of harassment (violence, abuse, bullying, segregation, or threats)
  3. Economic corruption
  4. Health or life danger
  5. Infringement of the rules
  6. Personal data invasion

The right of reporting

All the employees have the right to report directly while anyone else can report as far as they are relevant. Reporting shouldn't be in circumstances that employees on their own ethical beliefs, discussions disagreements, or appointments.

How to report

  1. Reporting can be written or verbally to the immediate manager
  2. Otherwise can written report be sent to or

The written report must include:

  1. The report's contact information
  2. Clear description of the condition or behaviour including time and place
  3. Who has already been involved
  4. Relevant supporting documents

Report processing

The responsible of processing and assessing the received reports is joint efforts of the chief executive officer, CEO. However he can delegate the follow-up to the chief operating officer, COO.