BasicInternet:Collaboration with MGEP


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BasicInternet:Collaboration with MGEP

Title BasicInternet:Collaboration with MGEP
Place Skype
Date, Time 2015/08/28, 1400-1500
Contact Person Josef Noll
Participants Iñaki Garitano, Josef Noll
related to Project Basic Internet, GravidPluss
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List of open Action Items for Iñaki and Josef

Action Items

Josef Noll to add next meeting due by 28 August 2015
Josef Noll to add next meeting due by 28 August 2015
Josef Noll Test Action due by 2 September 2015

Open Topics


Both should run the GravidPluss access, with open access for Opera Mini, access to, otherwise vouchers.

  • Josef to install printers and voucher access

Guy Kamanda

  • email from Guy - status
  • VPN to Kinshasa Mikrotik
  • «let Kinshasa configure» (small to big one)
  • Guy has a server (on the user side) - 5 MByte - Web page with layers, activated through java script
  • Josef: Web page, roadmap/emergency contact,

BasicInternet - Internet of Things

  • add-on to to Fagor Eletrónica,
  • remote administration
  • contract - done, Stian has signed

update 19Aug2015

  • On Friday we’ll discuss with INET the roll-out of HotSpots in Kinshasa - The commercial run is on. Which means that «you» need to get an administration system in place - tell me if we should go for a commercial solution.
  • Mali is still «under evaluation», not sure how fast Norad is to decide
  • We are in a new round with NORAD, this time scaling up, and opening the way for a collaboration with a big IT player. Thus, we expect a real scale-up. Will keep you informed.
  • Visit in Mondragon with politicians… Let’s plan when you are back, though that means some more days of delay.
  • Contract: as we have no money (yet) in the Foundation, Stian will sign on behalf of UNIK. Unfortunately, that means another document for your director to sign. Please excuse.

Basic Internet Issues

Automation of vouchers

  • suggestion is to generate a Web page allowing the ordering of vouchers
content of request: #voucher, #amount of data (MByte), usage period (hours,days,months?), validity period (h, 1d?, m?)
example: 50 100 24h 7d
  • meaning: 50 voucher for 100 MByte or 24h (whatever expires first), all valid for 7 days after first usage
  • for security/accounting reason, send email to the email address registered with the person

Feedback on usage per voucher

as of today the report is created by hand, and includes 2-3 hours of work

  • need to discuss on how to automise

Feedback on usage through an AP

delayed, see BasicAdmin:AP_monitoring_through_Mikrotik

GravidPluss Issues

Printers and Modem

  • printers are described on GravidPluss:Printer,
  • hp1022 is not longer available, will be replaced by a "blekkskriver" - Josef to order


Mikrotik/Printer installation

done through a windows machine, configure them as "GravidPluss" SSID printing.

Mikrotik for GravidPluss have double SSID: BasicInternet (with vouchers for download) and GravidPluss (for printing). The devices support both Ethernet and Modem, can be tested with the modem first.

App installation

The Mac Mini in Inaki's room is ready configured, such that every iPhone can be connected and configured

  • Inaki to provide a short description on how to install
  • start xcode
  • connect the iPhone
  • ...


  • Meetings every Monday at 09:30 through Skype


salary, will discuss with Stian

  • should include about 1 month of stay in Norway
  • should include some 4 k€ for travelling and equipment