BasicInternet:Connecting Liceo Naval 9Jun2020


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Connecting Liceo Naval 9Jun2020
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BasicInternet:Connecting Liceo Naval 9Jun2020

Title BasicInternet:Connecting_Liceo_Naval_9Jun2020
Date, Time 2020/06/09, 1800-1900h Oslo time
Contact Person Bruce Schulte
Participants Josef.Noll, Carlos Rodriguez Arrieta, Jorge Gutierrez, Bruce Schulte
related to Project BasicInternet, RotaryKnowledgePortal
Keywords Rotary International Knowledge Portal
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Notes from the meeting

Main conclusions were to focus on 4 topics:

  1. Establish concrete time-lines for the connection of the Liceo Naval on Galapagos - see further info
  2. Join forces for the Rotary International Knowledge Portal to foster digital inclusion and societal empowerment
  3. Invite for digital content on (i) digital skills for participation in the society, (ii) local value creation in the communities, (iii) digital information on health, mental health, education and job creation

School connectivity to Liceo Naval on the Galapagos

Rotary International Knowledge Portal

Rotary International Knowledge Portal

We decided to join forces to the Rotary International Knowledge Portal, in order to

(i) ensure that everyone can gain digital skills for participation in the digital society society,
(ii) create value in the local communities, and
(iii) contribute with digital information on health, mental health, education and job creation

Basic Internet Foundation works with Kortext and Digital Skills Foundation on the strategy for empowerment using a National Knowledge Portal (4 min animation of the Knowledge Portal). Further described on National_Knowledge_Portal
 and as a suggestion for governmental strategies (free access to the National Knowledge Portal. By adapting the concept, Rotary 4400 can become the pioneer in digital empowerment.

Note: Please see discussions in Zimbabwe on collaborations - BasicInternet:AfricaUniversity-BasicInternet_May2020

Follow-up and next meeting

  • Next meeting with the head of the Rotary Foundation, Carlos to establish
  • Plan for Liceo Naval, Bruce to establish the plan
  • Rotary International Knowledge Portal, internal discussion in Rotary 4400