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Ethical guidelines

The Basic Internet Foundation, as a non-profitable organisation, is accountable to secure that all the internal and external activities are accomplished according to the laws and regulation in the country where it runs the activities.

All employees contribute to an inclusive and tranquil working environment for everyone.

Discrimination, harassment, and bullying

All forms of bullying, racism, segregation, or harassment are not accepted within any of the Basic Internet Foundation activities. That includes, as well, sexual harassment or any other sexual behaviours.

Employees who experience or become aware of any racism, discrimination, bullying, or harassment are obliged to report the matter / Censurable case to or

Employees have no right to expose others who have reported any case to retaliation.

Individual responsibility

All the employees at the Basic Internet Foundation have the responsibility to adhering the regulations and the working laws that the foundation is committed to in the country where they work.

Employees are expected to prevent any abuse that could happen due to power imbalance, including their behaviour on social media.

Human rights

Basic Internet Foundation vision is to improve the life of every human where it continuously secure all the rights of both employees, partners, and stakeholders.

The Foundation always consider all the fundamental human rights and employees freedom when entering or following up any of its projects / activities.