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India collaboration Education Trial
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BasicInternet:India collaboration Education Trial

Title India collaboration Education Trial
Place Skype
Date, Time 2017/07/17, 1000-1200
Contact Person Sudhir Dixit
Participants Josef.Noll, Jim Forster, Manoj Arora, Michael Ginguld
related to Project Basic Internet, DigI
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Manoj Arora, Air Jaldi, Finance and Legal; Michael Ginguld, Air Jaldi, Rural development; Jim Forster, Air Jaldi (since 2007), chairman and investor, SW engineering; Sudhir Dixit; Josef Noll

(Company: domaso established ….)

InfoInternet base standard: text, pictures InfoInternet “gold standard”: max 3 min video, 640x480

What can we do while waiting? - collaboration for Africa - Jim’s approach: certain amount at low speed, after limit is reached “reduce speed drastically”.


  • collaboration with Facebook, about half of base stations from Facebook
  • no speed below 2 Mbit/s (annoys the customers)
  • put existing peaces together, “make it happen”.

3 types of clients

  • fixed wireless home (1000 rupees, 60 GB at 20 Mbps, after 60 GB at 2 Mbps)
  • fixed wireless business
  • hot spots (pre-paid model),

what’s in for Air Jaldi:

  • increased subscription from users
  • from Facebook: 40% of users convert to full payment within a month, within 3 months Free Basics is break even for a mobile operator (Facebook statements , confirmed by Telenor Pakistan)

India: OTP, or App-authentication, (Pictogram), - clear regulations (100.000 users)


  • give 30 MB at 2 Mbps
  • Harisal (all connectivity is free for everyone)
  • 70 villages in a surrounding villages (with paid access)

Way ahead

1) Harisal versus villages in surrounding (study) - affordable access
comparative study with villages around Harisal (uptake)
2) position paper, focus on Global Education, for TRAI, supported from BasicInternet, USAid,++, Norwegian Government
3) principal agreement on “trial” (with Air Jaldi), allowance from TRAI
4) Further discussions with TRAI
5) while waiting, specific (small amount at low speed - slows even more down)

Offering “partial content” - “selective delivery content”

  • not blocking
  • not preferring any standard
  • content type filtering (present an impartial view)

Next steps:

  • Harisal versus villages in surrounding (study) - affordable access
  • villages around Harisal (uptake)
  • “Simplification” and “Literacy” with TRAI — Michael excited “Global Education” (FHI360), worked with Google and others
    • auto authentication through an app
    • Education and Health Content
  • Air Jaldi: Brand, Visibility - Development Goals


  • fokus on results
  • 28Aug…