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Information exchange Wakoma Oct2020
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BasicInternet:Information exchange Wakoma Oct2020

Title BasicInternet:Information_exchange_Wakoma_Oct2020
Date, Time 2020/10/07, 1100-1200
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Josef.Noll, Eric Nitschke
related to Project BasicInternet
Keywords Community Networks, InfoSpot, Internet Lite, National Knowledge Portal
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Topics and conclusions

We reached an agreement to deepen the collaboration and join forces with our complimentary, as well as overlapping knowledge and experience. Next meeting, with a specific focus on the LMS community platform, will be on 14Oct2020 at 11:00h Paris time.

Topics to be further discussed

  1. Storytelling for policies on community networks
  2. LMS community platform and Internet Lite, especially the intelligent sync
  3. Distributed InfoSpots with content from National Knowledge Portal, and common work on establishing the portal

Action Items

  1. Eric to connect to David Johnson

Intro of BasicInternet and Wakoma

A common introduction of Basic Internet and Wakoma, recognising that we have a common contact network both in APC and ISOC. Regarding South-Africa, we suggest deepening contacts through SANA, a.o. Sanjay Maharaj and Wenzile Madonsela Msimanga 
 We both see that purely commercial roll-outs will just increase the digital divide, see

While BasicInternet focusses on "Internet where nothing is available", Wakoma works with organizations to build community networks where backbone provision is available, as well as offline contexts. We share a common understanding of inclusion and the freemium model. The Nimble, developed by Wakoma, is a rapidly deployable mesh/community network solution that enables communities to use the freemium model or any model of their choosing.

The advantage of Norway of "knowing each other" resulted in the political focus by BasicInternet, a.o. through the contribution on the Governmental White Paper on "digital transformation and development policies", see DigI:Publications or directly ttps://

Common development effort

The BasicInternet "village platform" for distribution of digital health information was developed as part of the "Digital Inclusion" (DigI) project, focusing on Digital Health Promotion in remote areas in Tanzania. Thus, we focussed first on the challenge of access, providing Solutions for access to the mobile network more than 20 km away from the 3G tower, see Selela at the border of the Serengeti.

Seeing the need for such a platform, we work on an open-source implementation of the community/village portal, linked to the vision of a National Knowledge Portal.