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Introduction Twende-BasicInternet Feb2021
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BasicInternet:Introduction Twende-BasicInternet Feb2021

Title BasicInternet:Introduction_Twende-BasicInternet_Feb2021
Date, Time 2021/02/05, 1400-1500
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Josef.Noll, John Nzira, Peter Mmbando
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Getting known to each other's activities, and define the way ahead.

Action Items and way ahead

  • John to share the information from today
  • Twende to decide on the time when access to information is suitable to implement

Common activities

  • identify donors for common applications
  • discuss further how Energy & Internet & Information as of drivers for societal empowerment, and how the principal experiences from Twende can contribute

Twende Innovation Target: public schools, underserved communities

  • building workshops on practical aspects, e.g. solar
  • based on paid participations (parents, schools)
  • creative capacity workshop (design, solutions,
  • makerspace for transition from idea to prototype
  • Jamii Technology program

Basic Internet Foundation

Access, Skills, Regulations and Inclusion as basis

  • Access: Wifi Information Spots (InfoSpots) - more than 20 km to the next mobile to connect
  • Skills: Village Portal /health portal on the local InfoSpot -
  • Regulations: Freemium for access: free for information, and premium for broadband content
  • Inclusion: the free access to information on public InfoSpots, supported by low-cost tablets

More information on

Current activities in Tanzania