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Meeting-GiertsenEnergy-BasicInternet Oct2020
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BasicInternet:Meeting-GiertsenEnergy-BasicInternet Oct2020

Title BasicInternet:Meeting-GiertsenEnergy-BasicInternet_Oct2020
Date, Time 2020/10/02, 11:30-1300
Contact Person Souleymane Niang
Participants Josef.Noll, Souleymane Niang
related to Project BasicInternet
Keywords Energy control, InfoSpot
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Topics and conclusions

  • Energy control
  • Info on energy usage
  • Info spots for empowerment

We agreed on a collaboration, and will focus on the following topics

  • Energy control through low-cost solutions, e.g. Raspberry Pi
  • Build in Africa for Africa - look at solutions that can be build and maintained by colleagues in Africa
  • InfoSpot for the village/community with e.g. health, education, agriculture and energy usage
  • Meeting with Wilhelm Giertsen in Oslo next week

Background Info BasicInternet

Focus on policies and framework conditions for Internet Lite for all

UiO courses and activities
* UiO Course TEK5110 Building Mobile and Wireless Networks
* 13Oct - L8 IoT Raspberry Pi (M) - Handouts Media:TEK5110_ManagedIoT.pdf