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Uni Makerere-BasicInternet 26Aug2020
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BasicInternet:Uni Makerere-BasicInternet 26Aug2020

Title BasicInternet:Uni_Makerere-BasicInternet_26Aug2020
Date, Time 2020/08/26, 1630-1730 Oslo, 7:30 AM US Pacific, 17:30 h Uganda time
Contact Person Sudhir Dixit
Participants Dorothy Okello, Ronald Lukanga, Edwin Mugume, Sudhir Dixit, Josef Noll
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(1) To find out more about the BIF ongoing activities, check out

  • The BasicInternet solution will be used for the information spots terminating the backhaul. As of now, TV White Space is envisaged as a backhaul

(2) Potential project proposal for joint development, “Free access to the National Knowledge Portal” - creating a short project proposal covering both portal and access. If interested, we can give access to our wiki (

  • The portal is of high interest for University of Makerere. First contacts have been established, but not materialised

(3) Focus on SDG target 4.1 connecting all schools in Uganda potentially with 5G rural backbone and leverage existing smartphones with WiFi for local access

  • Details about the School Connectivity discussed

(4) Add-on to existing research funds with University of Oslo (UiO) and Basic Internet Foundation. Sign an MoU to raise visibility to both organizations

  • Dorothy to check if they have an existing MoU with UiO
  • Brenda will create the draft of an MoU and share with Uni of Makerere

Next steps:

(A) Identify the most promising idea with most social impact and funding potential

  • School connectivity is one of the topics, reaching out to rural schools
  • Digital Health information is one of the areas where 5 Norwegian Universities have joined focus

(B) Develop a short proposal with clear objectives, deliverables and funding estimate, which would be attractive to invite partners/donors to that project either as an active partner to the project or as a donor/sponsor, or both.

  • For 5G developments, we Sudhir will contact Ericsson

(C) Create a full open proposal

  • to be done


Ideas for projects

1) add-on to existing research funds, with UiO and BasicInternet (MoU)
2) 5G rural backbone
3) National Knowledge Portal
4) School connectivity

Thus, next step:

A) identify the most promising idea,
B) invite partners/donors to that project - through Zoom call
C) create an open proposal