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Uni Makerere-BasicInternet 29Jul2020
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BasicInternet:Uni Makerere-BasicInternet 29Jul2020

Title BasicInternet:Uni_Makerere-BasicInternet_29Jul2020
Date, Time 2020/07/29, 1630-1730
Contact Person Sudhir Dixit
Participants Dorothy Okello, Ronald Lukanga, Edwin Mugume, Sudhir Dixit, Josef Noll
related to Project BasicInternet
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Conclusions and Follow-up

Next Meeting: Wednesday 26Aug2020 1630-1730h (Oslo/Brussels time) using


Ideas for projects

1) add-on to existing research funds, with UiO and BasicInternet (MoU)
2) 5G rural backbone
3) National Knowledge Portal
4) School connectivity

Thus, next step:

A) identify the most promising idea,
B) invite partners/donors to that project - through Zoom call
C) create an open proposal