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Voucher creation

Status 15Aug2020 - Voucher system:, when you create vouchers, please check if the login.html on your LNCC is updated. You can perform the check with adding the password of your voucher with or without the abbreviation. Example: the voucher you created is "abcd", pass: "dxxf". Try the voucher by "abcd" for the username, and passwd dxxf or your area code with an underscore and the passwd TZA_dxxf. If the LNCC is updated, then dxxf will work, if TZA_dxxf (or whatever your precode is) is working, than your LNCC needs to be updated.

Voucher Platform for Basic Internet

Our team at Mondragon University have created the Voucher Platform for Basic Internet. The Voucher platform is available as

Create Vouchers

Select Region
To start, select the Zone (Region) for which the vouchers shall be valid.

In every region/zone we have a voucher administrator who can log-in on the voucher platform. This person is a Zone Administrator and has the authority to create vouchers for his region, e.g.

  • Catherine for TZ African Child (precode TZA)
  • Rashid for TZ BOACSE (TZB)
  • Barrack for Aheri (KYA)
  • Matogoro for tzCNA (TZC)
  • Hamed, Josef for Norway (NO)
  • Addisalem for Ethiopia schools (ETS)
  • ...

Click on the Create Voucher to start voucher creation

Then create the Voucher limits, any combination of time (1h, 1day, 1 week, 1 month), amount (100 MB, 1 GB). Please ensure to set voucher limitation =1,3,6 months to ensure that vouchers expire. Otherwise they will overload the platform. And please identify the set of vouchers (voucher badge) by a name representing what you created.

Voucher Limits

Having created the limits, next step is to create the username and password. The username/password are created in two steps, first the username, then the passwords. Note: Create easy vouchers, which are easy to identify for your users, e.g. 4 digits with lowercase characters

Badge of Vouchers
Passwd for Voucher

Having created the form for the usernames and passwords, you can then finalise by press Create vouchers to create the vouchers.

Created Vouchers

Examples of vouchers, here with a length of 4 characters, are displayed below.

Example of Vouchers

Role administration

  • Limited Administrator - for voucher creation in a region, given the max number of vouchers as assigned by the Zone Administrator
  • Zone Administrator - for creation of Limited Administrators and for creation of Zones
  • Super Administrator (for platform administration)

Technical details

The goal of the platform is to create an IP-domain specific voucher sets, e.g. Kinderdorf, Kigali, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania. This is accompanied by a prefix added to the vouchers.

  • Add a hidden string to identify the origin of the vouchers.For example, let's consider the following voucher "TFOP" for the Kinderdorf. During the voucher creation process, I would add "_Kinderdorf" to all vouchers. That would give us "TFOP_Kinderdorf" as result.

In order to have the solution up and running, we will need to modify the login page for each site, so that each login web page automatically adds the site related string. Thus, users will only need to introduce TFOP and the web page will append "_Kinderdorf" before sending the information to the radius server.

  • Administrator login for ordering vouchers, specification of vouchers (out of a list)
    • pattern (alphanumeric, length)
    • first character
    • validity (time, amount of data, validity e.g. 1 year)

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