BasicInternet community meeting Apr2021

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BasicInternet community meeting Apr2021

Title BasicInternet community meeting Apr2021
Place Google meet
Date, Time 2021/04/30, 1000-1200
Contact Person Catherine R. Kimambo
Participants Josef.Noll, Catherine R. Kimambo, Brenda Jimris-Rekve, Matogoro Jabhera, Rashid Ally, Barrack Otieno, Nisalile Mwangoka, Mayaya Mack, Felix Sukums, Benjamin Manirafasha
related to Project BasicInternet
Keywords Connect the Unconnected
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This monthly meet-up from all communities contribued to "connecting the unconnected" had the purpose to get known to each other and encourage each other to continue the good work.

In short, what we achieved/working on in


  • successful school connectivity with 10 schools
  • upscaling for another 100 schools (with Halotel and Vodacom)
  • contributing for a national framework and guideline through MCIT (see meetings)
  • continuation of health awareness iin Esilalei and Selela


  • main focus on Kizumu, increase from 3 to 13 digital villages
  • helping Siaya to become a digital hub


Project GIGA had the call for connecting 50 schools. Results are not given yet

  • Benjamin will follow-up through his network

Notes and chat


  • Jabhera Matogoro, Founder and CEO for the Tanzania Community Networks Alliance ( We are the alliance for community networks in Tanzania and so far we have 5 community networks established in Kondoa, Kasulu, Nyasa, Mpimbwe and Tarime. I am happy to meet everyone here!

Meetings, Partnerships, and international activities

Activities in tzCNa and licensing

  • Matogoro has already initiated this discussion and would be happy to bring everyone to the discussion
  • We had a very successful transformation towards the establishment of a community network cooperative.
  • We are working with the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology to license the established community network cooperative society
  • In Tanzania, we may move here and there BUT without securing a license with TCRA we will just end-users and we may not be able to be wholesale. This is what we need to push. I am happy that soon the process will be finalized.
  • Let us work to have licenses for small ISP and for not-for-profit ISP. Short to that we may become activists for connectivity.
  • Then, that's good, maybe we need to expand more on stakeholders engagement @ Matogoro
  • We can not collect internet fees without a license from TCRA. That is not possible at all
  • tzCNA is working on finalizing the licensing before pushing the same. I will keep you updated
  • @Subehude, we need to share correct information to beneficiaries. They will only charge for it if they have a license with TCRA. Short to that we may give them wrong promise
  • It is possible for rural dwellers to pay for the service and we only need innovative models. Yes, it is possible


  • @elibariki couldn't agree more sustainability is key
  • @Sukums: Can we develop a sustainability plan, which can be designed in a specific context? Indicating issues of recurrent or maintenance costs and technical support
  • Regarding sustainability, we need to bring that to the table -
  • @Elibariki, a lot has been done in that aspect. We already have all stakeholders meeting with the Minister of Communications and Information Technology.