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First Name Birger
Last Name Nymo
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Company Biarga
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Keywords Innovation, Entrepreneurship
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Birger J. Nymo obtained his degree in sociology from the University of Oslo in 1982 specialising in mass communication. After a short period as a researcher at the University of Oslo, he started work as a researcher in Telenor in 1983. Birger Nymo has worked within the areas of mass communication, future media, application of ICT in the health service (telemedicine), municipalities and maritime ICT.

Birger Nymo has been leader of several major R&D projects, including the establishment of the telemedicine project in Tromsø and Telenor R&D's Tromsø department, where he was the leader from 1987 - 1997. From 1997 he was research director at Telenor Research and Development with the Internet of the future as his main area of responsibility.

In addition to several published papers on telemedicine, Birger Nymo has been among the organisers of several conferences on telemedicine, and a member of national and international research committees.