CENTRIC 2013 conference

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CENTRIC 2013 conference

Title CENTRIC 2013 conference
Place Venezia - Mestre
Date, Time 2013/10/27, -31Oct2013
Contact Person Lasse Berntzen
Participants Josef Noll, Till Halbach, Christina Di Valentin, Eunjii Lee, Stephan Böhm, Hiroyuki Hatano
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CENTRIC 2013 took place in Mestre (Venezia). Lasse og Stephan er chairing the conference.

Some of the many people Josef talked to

  • Eunji Lee on Bluetooth and Diabetes sensors
  • Stephan on Privacy issues
  • Lasse on collaboration between HiVe and UiO/UNIK
  • Christina on semantics and business models