CSM:Citi-Sense-MOB meeting Jan2016

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Citi-Sense-MOB meeting Jan2016
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CSM:Citi-Sense-MOB meeting Jan2016

Title CSM:Citi-Sense-MOB meeting Jan2016
Place UNIK
Date, Time 2016/01/11, 0900-1030
Contact Person Seraj Fayyad
Participants Núria Castell Balaguer, Mirjam Fredriksen, Seraj Fayyad, Josef Noll
related to Project Citi-Sense-MOB
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Status Deliverables

  • D4.5 Josef to finish
  • D4.7 Erol, Arne to send their inputs to Seraj
  • D5.4 Erol to finish

Final Report

  • Agreed to use Tuesday 19Jan2016@UNIK for a whole day editing/writing
  • Nuria to send out the form of the report, indicating keywords and chapter owners
  • WP leader report for all WPs

Sjusjøen meeting

  • cancelled due to missing funds (Citi-Sense-MOB is ended, we can't write hours)
  • we will meet on Tuesday at UNIK (see above)

Final Review

  • currently scheduled for April, Erol tries to have it earlier


  • CitySense App is available on Google Play
  • CitySense App will be available on Apple - refused due to logo
  • we will publish the code on Github, and create a toolbox page on the Wiki: CSM:Home
  • Josef to work with the wiki, and copy some information from citi-sense-mob.eu over to the wiki

Notes: Media:201601CSM-meeting.pdf - Meeting notes