Citi-Sense-MOB - student work

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Citi-Sense-MOB - student work

Title CITI-SENSE-MOB - student work
Place NILU
Date, Time 2013/10/17, -18.10.
Contact Person Nuria Castell Balaguer
Participants Waqas Moazzam, Rozina Dongol, Martin Rødvand, Mirjam Fredriksen, Josef Noll
related to Project CITI-SENSE-MOB
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We had meetings with Waqas, Martin and Rozina on 17. and 18. October to explain potential topics for Master Thesis work at NILU and UNIK/UiO.

Potential topics include

  • Sensor quality - how can we use other sensors to calibrate and get an idea on the reliability of sensor data. This topic might get a focus on "sensor calibration" or on "sensor network security", depending on the interest of the one who has to work with it. We discussed the novel concept of collaborative air quality assessment, where sensor data are seen not as the quality of each single sensor, but as the collaborative quality measures of the whole sensor network.

  • Privacy issues - how can me make sensor information publicly available, without breaching the privacy of the user. An idea here is to obfuscate the data, either in time, location or in quality. josef expects that one can work with policies and describe both data and application demands through semantic technologies.
  • Context- and content-awareness - which data shall be available is an issue for each sensor and sensor network. If the value of the information requires an urgent action, than several people might be informed. If data are used for a statistical analysis, then storage in a database might be the appropriate answer.
  • Social involvement in air quality sensing. This area addresses the involvement of users, and the methods to involve the users. One aspect is gamification, and the understanding is that users will get involved if the information acquired is either useful, convenient og just fun.

We agreed on keeping in contact to see which topics are of interest.