Citi-Sense-MOB kick-off

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Citi-Sense-MOB kick-off

Title Citi-Sense-Mobile kick-off
Place Kunnskapshuset
Date, Time 2013/08/29, 0845-1700
Contact Person Reidun Gangdal, Alena Bartonova
Participants Jim Greatorex, Christine Oppegaard, Susanne Lützenkirchen, Nuria Castell Balaguer, Hai-Ying Liu, Sonja Grossberndt, Franck R Dauge, Josef Noll, Arne J Berre, Erol Cagataytte
related to Project CITI-SENSE-MOB
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Citi-Sense-Mob Opportunities and challenges

  • Large-scale air pollution, measurment in urban environments
  • More data, more noise but also more redundnacy
  • Key challenges in public participation
  • Key challenges in information systems
  • Merge different types of information: from global (satellites) to street-level (sensors)


Create innovative technology to continuously sense, measure and communicate environmental data.

Dynamic city infrastructure for real-time city management and sustainable progress