Collaboration for Air Quality

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Collaboration for Air Quality

Title Collaboration for air quality measurements
Place NILU
Date, Time 2012/09/07, 14:00-16:00
Contact Person Alena Bartonova
Participants Alena Bartonova, William A. Lahoz, Núria Castell Balaguer, Mike Kobernus, Anne Nyeggen, Pål Midtlien Danielsen, Anette Gangnæs, Hai-Ying Liu, Erol Cagatay
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Main challenges:

  • 200 kEuro real cache required
  • 500 kEuro supported budget, 30% real money = total budget 700 kEuro


  • indoor air quality
  • outdoor - mobile - quality

Data mining

  • Collect data (NOx),
    • aerosol particles
  • Process data
  • Combine with other data