Combating the effect of Fading in Mobile Systems

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Combating the effect of Fading in Mobile Systems

Course UNIK4230
Title Combating the effect of Fading in Mobile Systems
Lecture date 2015/02/26 13:15 - 16:00
presented by Per Hjalmar Lehne
Objective To understand how fading can be mitigated in mobile systems
Learning outcomes Types of Diversity,

Diversity algorithms, Channel equalizers, Multiple antennas fundamentals

Pensum (read before) Book: Wireless Communication Systems, chapter 5: Media:UNIK4230-CHAPTER-5.pdf
References (further info) Article: David Gesbert and Jabran Akhtar: «Breaking the Barriers of Shannon’s Capacity: An Overview of MIMO Wireless Systems». Telektronikk, 98(1), p53-54, 2002. (download below)
Keywords Fading, Diversity, Inter Symbol Interference, Bit error rate, Space Diversity, Angular Diversity, Frequency Diversity, Time Diversity, Polarization Diversity, Multiple antennas, MIMO, Equalizers

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Test yourself, answer these questions

  • What is the effects of fading?
  • How we can combat fading?
  • What is diversity and mention some of the diversity techniques?
  • What is the difference between Selection Combining (SC) and Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC)?
  • How can multiple antennas be used to exploit multipath transmission?

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