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Communication NO-BD

As of March 2012, we will have roughly Tawhid (35 h/week) and n.n. (40h/week) to develop for InnoBors, and to increase to 2-3 people by end 2012. "Our Norwegian expectation is that nobody works more than 60 hours/week in total (main jobb and other duties)"

  • NO delivers high level requirements, logical diagrams and photoshop design (GUI)
  • BD break them down into logical blocks and guidelines/documentation for developers
    • ensure that specification is reported in BugReport,
    • Questions are established through flag "Question"
  • NO confirms the plans/documentation
    • updates are documented through "Answer"
  • BD is responsible for implementation and basic testing "deliver according to guidelines"
    • after a problem is solved, flag it as "solved"

Software Repository

Update 6.4.2012: Agreement of naming: dev, test and live.

We will us bitbucket for a software repository, having three versions of the code. Gunnar/Codewise will send information on "how to use Bitbukket" for the software repository, which you can use for "dev, test and live".

  • we would like you to have two "dev versions", dev and test. On dev you develop, and if it is ready for testing, then you move it to test. Thus test should always have "pre-tested" versions, which "should work". Having your developments on "dev" allows you to have "developments" ahead of time, and does not confuse between developments and "ready solutions".
  • On regular time schedules we will swap test to live, see Q&A
  • Thus: Dev should only happen on "dev", bug fixing on "test", and the stable version should be on "".
  • Example: the facebook login as v2.7 is on dev, the currently implemented feedback is on test, and the running code is on live =

address naming

Q &A

Who sets up dev, test and live?
A: Tawhid is responsible for the code, which is on the bitbucket directory (provided by codewise)
Who performs the swap from test to live?
A: not decided - suggestion: Codewise

Additional expertise

Specification and documentation .

  • translate high-level functional requirements (delivered by NO) into programming specifications and document the whole platform

.net as main platform (50% Towhid ++)

  • Microsoft Open Data (OData format), see: BugReport, mainly used for getting data described in a Semantic form. More info at BugReport
  • this will allow us to export .rdf data and make them available in other platforms.
  • it will allow us to "reason" over data, which means e.g. "find all people involved in related ideas"

Other expertise (Semantic MediaWiki) (20% position)

  • Semantic MediaWiki - (.php)
  • Expert to create Form, Templates and pages based on "semantic information"
  • automatic export/import of information

Documentation guidelines

Draft guidelines are described in the following link: Documentation guidelines