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Community Learning Living Labs
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The Community Learning Living Labs (C3L) are the path ahead to support women, girls, and under-represented communities in the Internet. The main aspects considered are

  • Providing a place for meaningful connectivity to the Internet
  • Create the community centre for local knowledge in the community
  • Build the learning space to achieve digital skills

As Mei Lin Fung pointed out, Chair of the People-Centered Internet, USA, being WSIS Gender Trendsetter, Godmother of CRM - Customer Relationship Management; Chair of the IEEE SSIT Technical Committee for Sustainability; Fellow of the Hasso Plattner Institute, Germany; Citizen of Singapore; and Co-Chair for UN CSW 67th session on the theme of Digital Innovation

Digital affects workplaces, homes, sports, social life – it is coming into every aspect of human life for those who can afford it. For those who cannot – the digital divide must be bridged, or sectors of society will not be full participants in the future, with the possibility of future social unrest. With all these opportunities and dangers, what can we do? A renowned leader said at the most severe crisis his country had faced, Civil War.

We have to go beyond acknowledging that women have an important role to play in shaping the future as 50% of humanity. Women can drive setting up the future framework for digital innovation. With a woman as the first ITU Secretary General Doreen Bogdan Martin – we can rise to the occasion to demand digital serve humanity, and steward the planet. Physics as a science needed Physics labs, so Digital needs labs for developing policy, for developing collaboratory regulation that serves the people. What kind of labs? **Community Learning Living Labs (C3L)** – so we can begin to understand the consequences and longer-term impact of digital interventions and digital innovations – to harness the power of digital technologies while minimizing the harms. We have to do collaboration systematically in a coordinated way. The call for regional collaboration on regulatory cross-sector sandboxes for digital is very important – each country is dealing with different situations but must continue through election cycles. If the ITU provides regional collaboration sandboxes, the work can continue between countries.

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