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Location of villages

Selected villages in TZ

Selela, -3.2, 35.9433

  • 2012 census this number has risen to 8.703 people. (5.600 people in 2002)
  • neighbour Mto+wa+Mbu,+Tanzania/@-3.3770468,35.8765195

Mtera, -7.11145, 35.97072

  • 2016 population: 10.934

Izazi, -7.240498, 35.721481

  • 2016 population: 5.280

Link to Google maps with coordinates:

Optional village: Yaeda Chini -3.866620, 35.198676 (Phase 2)

Yaeda village - satellite map

Radio connectivity to villages

Tanzania Broadband Backbone Netowrk Map Courtesy:http://www.nictbb.co.tz/map.php
This pages lists information for connectivity to the National ICT Broadband Backbone Network of Tanzania. More info at http://www.nictbb.co.tz/map.php

Further links to the Rural Telecommunication Project of the government is available from the information page of the Universal Communications Service Access Fund (UCSAF) at http://www.ucsaf.go.tz, with the latest report (August 2016) available from http://www.ucsaf.go.tz/files/publications/attachments/9fc769060924bccfaa274df1ab782ea2.pdf

Calculation of radio propagation

There are several tools available to calculate the distance from a given "point of presence (POP)" (star in the map) to a village. You just select a town, and assume a mast height of 30 m, and then connect to a village.

Using the Witelcom Radio Link calculator

Example of Selela

Step 1: Find the GPS coordinates of the Village

  • -3.204469,35.943328 (for Selela)

Step 2:

  • who are the operators in the region
  • which neighbour villages are connected

Step 3:

  • identify potential fibre termination points (in which villages in the surrounding to I find fibre?)
  • alternatively, identify the towers of the mobile operators in the neighbour villages

Step 4:

  • use the tool for finding the line of sight communications, or minimum relay posts


  • link from Mto wa Mbu to Selela

Radio Link Mto to Selela.png

  • Radio parameters

Radio Parameters Mto Selela.png


https://airlink.ubnt.com/#/ - Airlink Link simulator