Evaluate COST 231 WI for handover

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Evaluate COST 231 WI for handover

Course UNIK4700
Title Evaluate COST 231 WI for handover
Lecture date 2013/12/06 0900-1200
presented by Josef Noll
Objective having implemented COST 231 WI for the realistic environment in Bergen, we'll discuss handover issues
  • might touch into indoor propagation
Learning outcomes
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Lecture Notes


  • current implementation did not convert base station transmit power into dB, leading to

Signal to Noise ratio (SNR)

  • SNR, calculated from resulted in -7dB, due to coding gain. Assumed
    • Signal for voice, and for data in GSM resp. GPRS
  • assumed that GSM needs SNR of 7 dB

UMTS receiver sensitivity

  • specs require for


UMTS til GSM handover for tale: -104 dBm (normal -100 dBm) UMTS level

UMTS data is stable until about -117 dBm, with handover at -115 dBm

GSM tale handover ...