Femto or Small Cells

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Femto or Small Cells

Course UNIK4230
Title Small Cells and HetNet
Lecture date 2013/04/25 13:15
presented by Abul Kaosher
Objective The objective of this lecture is to provide an overview over the challenges of indoor users at the "edge" of the network. The lecture will
  • illustrate how 3G usage ruins the coverage
  • what Femto Cells (or Small Cells) are
  • show simulations of the network traffic based on FemtoCells
Learning outcomes Having joined this lecture, you will
  • understand the challenges of indoor coverage and capacity
  • get an idea of the amount of "cell breathing" in 3G
  • understand the principle of Femto Cells
  • be able to explain the effect of increased network capacity when the macro network is supported by indoor base stations.
Pensum (read before) Josef Noll, Mohammad M. R. Chowdhury, "5G - Service Continuity in Heterogeneous EnvironmentsΔ", the Wireless Personal Communication special Issue on “5G Workshop on Networks, Services and Applications”, ed. F. Reichert, R. Prasad, Springer Netherlands, July 2010, pp. 1-17, ISSN: 0929-6212 on http://references.jnoll.net (2010)
References (further info) References:
  • http://www.smallcellforum.org/;
    • Ayaz Khan Afridi, "Macro and Femto Network Aspects in Realistic LTE Usage Scenarios", Master Thesis, Network Services and System in Department of Electrical Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden, May 2011. http://references.jnoll.net
Keywords Femto Cells, Cell Breathing, indoor coverage, CAPEX, OPEX

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Test yourself, answer these questions

  • What is a femtocell and why does operator need femtocell?
  • What are the benefits of femtocells for users?
  • What is cell breathing in 3G? what are the challenges of indoor coverage?

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