ITU-AHERI-BasicInternet Mar2022

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ITU-AHERI-BasicInternet Mar2022

Title ITU-AHERI-BasicInternet_Mar2022
Place ITS@Kjeller
Date, Time 2022/03/24, 0900-1000 CET
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Christine Sund, Robert Owino, Regina Kagwiria Nkonge, Josef Noll
related to Project BasicInternet, SchoolConnectivity KE 2021
Keywords GIGAconnect, School Connectivity
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The purpose of the meeting was to exchange information about the activities on the ground in Kenya, starting with the School Connectivity activities in the country. GIGAconnect has connected 100 schools, while AHERI & BasicInternet connected 45 school, being a good basis for exchange of lessons learned. Furthermore, ITU having the direct entry to the governments and AHERI and Basic Internet focussing on the community approach to drive the demand, we have a perfect match to boost digital inclusion.

During the meeting, we experience various areas of common interest and agreed to both physical and virtual follow-up meetings to be able to dive into details.

The following Action Items have been agreed:

  • Kagwiria and Robert to meet in Nairobi for an exchange of the School Connectivity projects
  • Follow-up meeting on Friday 8Apr2022 at 09:00 CET (Brussels time) and 10:00 EAT.

Upcoming events

  • Preparation for 3May stakeholder meeting Nairobi
  • 4May2022 stakeholder meeting (Ministry of Education, Min of ICT (MCIT), UCSAF++ in Dodoma)
  • 10/11 May 2022 - DTC in Addis

Agenda and Notes

Intro by ITU, BasicInternet and AHERI

  • The intro presentation was used to discuss the topics of interest, e.g. the challenges experienced by AHERI:
rural vs urban
costs of access (see point later)

Thumb Title Author Date Keywords
BasicInternt IntegratedApproach.png School Connectivity by Basic Internet Foundation
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ITU-AHERI-BasicInternet Mar2022
Josef Noll 24 March 2022 School Connectivity

Sustainable business model, mainly OPEX

  • CAPEX vs OPEX of school connectivity
  • BasicInternet InfoSpot using 10-20 GB/month
  • white-listing/zero-rating
  • SIM card with 5 Mbps for 58 USD/month
  • co-sharing of costs with the local community

School server for local involvement and empowerment

Internet Lite as network layer for the free access to information

Reaching the unconnected students

  • not yet discussed, addressing a.o. girls having menstruation, children with disabilities,...

Scale-up and National strategies

  • Stakeholder meeting 3May2022 Nairobi
  • Scaling school connectivity: challenges and lessons learned

Links to other programmes

  • Link to the Digital Transformation Centres (DTCs), especially on connectivity and literacy content
  • with specific implementation for education (EduStack)