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  • Josef to create structure and high-level description
  • Gunnar and Ståle to comment on useability
  • Tawhid to contibute with detailed description and code documentation

InnoBors - Functional Description and Documentation

The following links point to functionality

The principle description of the InnoBors is listed at Movation.

The process is like:

0. A user registers and puts an idea as a private idea on the Stock Exchange
1. An Idea-Owner makes his idea public (NOK 2.500) – Go Public!
2. The Idea-Owner converts the idea to a listed idea (NOK 25.000), including scoring.
3. When Listed; Then the Idea-Owner will have a scoring-meeting. And that’s the time (Listed) she/he can be scored, not Noted.
4. The result: Better than 750 points, including LinkedIn address, he/she may use Crowdfunding.


Login Logic

InnoBors Logic

see BG:Login logic


The InnoBors invites users to join, thus each of the bubbles in the opening page shall lead to a "login". The logic is as indicated in the image above.

Welcome Pages

  • Update 8.May 2012: Replace listed ideas by public ideas. The reason is that the logic is easier to understand when going from "privat" -> "public" -> "noted"

Page 1

  • The user is met with page 1, the overview with the four bubbles for founders, investors, members and partners

InnoBors-page 1

  • Clicking on one of the four bubbles will lead to the respective login page for these groups

InnoBors-page Founders InnoBors-page Investors InnoBors-page Partners InnoBors-page Members

Page 2 "Home" before Login

  • Clicking on the "InnoBors" will lead to page 2 - which is the "stock market with news"

InnoBors-page 2

  • Clicking on each of the elements will lead to the login
  • After the login we will return to where the user started before login (e.g. news, innobors, ...)

Page 3 "Home" after Login

InnoBors-page 3

  • Clicking on "Stock Market" will lead to the list of all "noted companies"
  • Clicking on "Public Ideas" will lead to the "public ideas" - page 5 (previous: "listed ideas")

Page 4 "Stock Market"

old picture... please use the new design...

InnoBors-page 4

Page 5 "Public Ideas"

InnoBors-page 5

InnoBors - Login


  • a successful login leads to the InnoBors (not the news page). The news page is a part of page 2 (see above)

InnoBors Access Rights

An idea has the the following elements

Idea components of the InnoBors

  • These elements should be annotated using Microsoft OData format

The access rights for users on the InnoBors is subdivided as follows

Access rights for Users

  • the numbers (3) and (4) are used to indicate that the use

Idea Creation

The process of idea creation is done based on

  • private ideas - everyone can create an idea, but can't invite others
  • public ideas - every idea can be updated to a public idea, which can voted and where users can be invited
  • listed idea (an idea listed on the stock exchange - and is a candidate for the "rising star index")



Email lists


The following emails have been established on InnoBors

  • -> Inger Mette, Gunnar - for all normal information
  • -> Inger Mette, Gunnar - for crowdfunding related information - Magne on this list?
  • -> Gunnar, Josef - for "feedback" functionality from the stock exchange, including all error messages. (Suggest that we get someone to take that functionality - decision 24.5.2012?)
  • -> Tawhid, Staale - our development team
  • -> Robert - our man for the design
  • .... we also need godfather or our_steve as an alias for Truls, suggestions?


Crowdfunding is managed through a symbol on the Stock exchange, opening up for donation, shares or loan.

this page provides an example of a case asking for "shares" InnoBors-JegVilBidra.png

Emails and Welcome text

Welcome emails

Welcome_emails contains the emails going out to people (idea owners, new members, crowdfunding ,....)

Contracts "read and acknowledged"

Read_and_acknowledged contains all the documents which the user has to "acknowledge" prior to actions on the stock exchange.