Managed Wifi Access

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Managed Wifi Access

Course UNIK4700, UNIK9700
Title Managed Wifi Access
Lecture date 2016/10/25 1300-1600h
presented by Josef Noll
Objective Provide examples of Wifi challenges, and address solutions through managed Wifi access
Learning outcomes Having followed the lecture, you can
  • understand topics like air time, bad apple
  • explain the limitations of Wifi
  • provide typical results from Wifi in-house measurements
Pensum (read before) See presentation from Geir Arne Rimala on
References (further info)
Keywords Wifi, IEEE 802.11, Airties

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Presentations and Notes

Managed Wifi

The lecture addresses the challenge of managed Wifi, from "best effort" to "application-based quality"

Bad indoor coverage, Example Oslo

Future service requirements for wireless infrastructures

Managed Wifi Access Tutorial