NOREC Introduction Seminar Day 13th, 14th and 19th April

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NOREC Introduction Seminar Day 13th, 14th and 19th April

Title NOREC Introduction Seminar Day 13th, 14th and 19th April
Place zoom
Date, Time 2021/04/13, 0900-1300
Contact Person Brenda
Participants Brenda, Barrack Otieno, Josef Noll, Mitch Odidi, Emmanuel Okoth
related to Project BasicInternet, DigIExchange, DigI
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DAY 1 – Tuesday 13 April

  • The below two e-learning modules must be completed before the first online meeting on the 13th of April
Welcome to Norec
Strong Partnerships

09.00 CET Welcome
09.10 CET Programme Overview
09.30 CET The Norec model – Reciprocity
10.30 CET Break
10.45 CET Strong Partnerships
13.00 End of Day 1

Course 1

Vision "The world is full of knowledge and skills. Through mutual exchange we teach each other to think bigger, live sustainably, and build responsible local communities."

All courses are available at: see Course Info to select the right module (all NOREC courses

  • Reciprocity
  • 18-35 years
  • about 600 participants each year
  • NOREC is part of UD
  • SDGs
  • 2 or more partners

Course 2 SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis - BasicInternet

  • Strengths: Unique value proposition
  • Weakness: economy of scale
  • Opportunities: Global community
  • Threats: sustainable business model

Thumb Title Author Date Keywords
Screenshot 2021-04-12 at 22.15.19.png SWOT Analysis_BasicInternet_Apr201
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NOREC Introduction Seminar Day 13th, 14th and 19th April
Brenda Jimris-Rekve 13 April 2021 NOREC

DAY 2 – Tuesday 14 April

Course 3: Smart results

Result Chain
  • Needs Assessment
  • Developing Result Framework
  • Specifying Appropriate Indicators
SMART Result Checklist

Course 4: Successful participants

  • Sending and Receiving Participants
  • The recruitment process
  • Mutual Expectations with the participants
  • Home Partner
  • Host Partner

Course 5: Good Leadership

  • Qualities of good leadership
Leadership styles
  • Captain in Storm
  • Team Leader
Autocratic Leadership
Democratic Leadership
Delegating Leadership
Servant Leadership
Situational Leadership
How to Pratice Good leadership in Norec Projects
  • Norec's Ethical Guidelines

Day 2

11.00 CET Smart results
13.00 CET Break
13.15 CET Good leadership and successful participants
15.00 CET End of Day 2

DAY 3 – Monday 19 April

  • The below e-learning module must be completed before the second online meeting on the 19th of April

Course 6: Transparent financial management

Ethical Principles
We are culturally sensitive
We respect Human Dignity
We are accountable


Zero tolerance to corruption & Financial irregularities
Absolute transparency
Types of Financial Irregularities
NO: Breach of contracts
NO: Corruption: Corruption vs Bribes (Norway: using the network)
KE Bribes
KE: Embezzlement
NO/KE: Nepotism
  • When in Doubt Ask

Best Practices

How do we avoid irregularities
Good communication
Partners work together on the budget
Norec gives advice and approves budget
Clear budget distribution between partners
Bank accounts
All costs accounted for in the report
The financial report is in the Norec format and it is audited
Good monitoring routines
Norec may ask for more details or clarification or make physical inspection
Budgeting and Reporting
Division of responsibilities - financial management
Cordinating partner and other partners
Work on the budget together
Budget for actual costs
Control of the details
Results report
Consolidated financial report
Consolidated audit report
General funding principles
Cases for discussion
Tasks with partners

Day 3: Final online meeting

09.00 CET Transparent Financial Management
10.00 CET Break
10.15 CET Budget
11.00 CET Way forward – timeline for the project
11.10 CET Wrap up -questions
12.00 CET End of Day 3 (we have booked until 13.00 CET in case we need more time)


  • Please note that we will be building upon issues covered in the e-learning course in the workshop, so it is important that all of you have completed it. In the course, you will see that we ask for the partnership to submit a needs assessment and a results framework in advance of the second online meeting on the 14 April. Please also make note of the two cases under the session ‘Transparent Financial Management’ that we ask you to prepare for. We will be discussing these two cases. The course can be accessed using this link

Process ahead

  • Application ready by 15 May 2021
  • Quality check and interaction with NOREC until 31May2021
  • Decision by NOREC: End of June2021(?)
  • Start of project: Sep2021