Novel network infrastructure based on small cells

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Novel network infrastructure based on small cells

by N.n.
Supervisor(s) Josef.Noll
Due date 2013/05/01
Status Planned
Problem description:
Methods and Tools: The tools and methods in this thesis are based on
  • A set of scenario, describing the challenges
  • A list of requirements being extracted from the scenarios
  • A description and evaluation of technologies and tools being candidates for solutions
  • A functional architecture/description of the envisaged system
  • An implementation of the core concepts
  • A demonstration of the solution
  • An evaluation of the solution, including a critical review of the descisions taken earlier
  • Conclusions
  • References
Time schedule Time schedule:
T0 0 starting month, T0+m denotes the month where the contribution to a certain chapter shalle be finalized
T0+2 months: create an initial page describing the scenario
T0+3: Provide a list of technologies which you think are necessary for the thesis
T0+4: Establish the table of content (TOC) of the envisaged thesis. Each section shall contain 3-10 keywords describing the content of that section
T0+7: Provide a draft of section 2 (scenario) and 3 (technologies)
T0+10: Establish a draft on what to implement/architecture
T0+11: Set-up an implementation, testing and evaluation plan
T0+15: Evaluate your solution based on a set of parameters, keep in mind there is no such thing as a free lunch
T0+12: Deliver the thesis
Pre-Knowledge * This thesis includes a reasonable amount of programming,
  • This thesis is based on radio communications, thus expects the user to have followed at least two radio-related courses
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Keywords Femto Cells, Mobile networks, Access Network

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Table of Content (TOC)

A typical example of a table of content (TOC) is provided in TOC

Problem description

The mobile network is evolving, but the demand for capacity can't be satisfied by today's infrastructure.

  • Establish a model for mobile coverage based on Femto Cells (or Small Cells) with a macro cell overlay
    • Challenges for Femto Cells
    • Discussion of a open network infrastructure (Ref: Elin Sundby Boysen)
  • Establish a link layer connectivity model for FemtoCells
    • "non-sofisticated" model
    • Discussion: to what extend do we need a network simulator (Matlab)?
  • Up-scaling of the single radio link towards a network perspective
    • based on a "non-sofisticated" model for propagation
    • based on assumptions for terrain and building landscape
  • simulation of traffic flow in the network
    • traffic distribution (stationary versus mobile) - keyword: > 90% LTE of traffic is indoor, > 85% of 3G traffic is indoor
  • Open network challenges
    • cross-authentication
    • ownership
    • cost model

To Do:

  • literature review to
    • identify similar work
    • understanding of Femto-/Small-Cells
    • narrow the scope of the thesis (after 4 months)
  • link level simulator taken into consideration: modulation, coding, transmit & receive properties (gain, noise figure)