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Project: OneWeb_Kjeller
OneWeb testing at Kjeller
Project leader Emmanuel Rygg
Project Participants Emmanuel Rygg, Josef Noll, Per Hjalmar Lehne, Susanne Skrimstad, Mette Johnsrud, Lars Bråten, Jonathan Muringani
Start Date 2022/01/17
End Date 2022/02/17
Supported by FFI, OneWeb
Objective Testing the capabilities of the OneWeb LEO network.
Research Domain 5G Networks, Internet - IoPTS

Factpage of Project OneWeb_Kjeller

Equipment used in project: OneWeb Kjeller/Equipment


LEO satellites can reach places that are otherwise not reachable by broadband services for a reasonable price

Time schedule

OneWeb with the view towards Kjelleråsen (Feb2022)

Week 1 (24Jan2022-29Jan2022) Installation and compatibility testing

24Jan Installation, SAT and training

25Jan Test FFI & UiO

26Jan - Verification of compatibility with 5G standalone basestation

27Jan - Verification of compatibility with capacity monitor

28Jan - Verification of compatibility with crypographig unit

Week 2 (31Jan2022-4Feb2022) Testing week for Capacity testing

Capacity test, interference

Industrial opportunities through Universal Coverage and 5G
torsdag 3rd Feb2022 12:00 (13:00)-15:30h (click for details)

  • 5G industry forum
  • 5G satsing forsvaret (Kenneth?)
  • Telecom coperators

Week 3 (7Feb2022-11Feb2022) Student exchange & 5G industry forum (ITS)

OneWeb installation at Kjeller (Feb2022)

Test of services from 5G standalone basestation with backhaul to 5G services.

Buffer week for various tests

  • Student exchange

Week 4 (14Feb2022-19Feb2022) Encryption and other tests

  • 14-19. Feb Cryptography test
  • Decommissioning