Our Dream Internet for everyone

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Our dream

Guy Kamanda and Josef Noll have a dream on providing Internet to everyone in the world, and BasicInternet:Basic_Internet will help in realizing the dream.

Everyone should have the right on having free (but limited) access to the Internet. - And we suggest to provide a national/european Internet ID card for Internet access, allowing to get 20-30 kbit/s access rates on every network. Such a limited access

  • will remove the digital divide between people being able to pay for Internet access and those not being able to do so,
  • will boost the Internet services, as you will be "always online",
  • will strengthen business in Europe, as "time for finding free Internet access" can be used for consuming services,
  • will boost the business of mobile/wireless network providers, as they can establish a turbo-button, providing the user with high-speed access.

Providing the Internet ID card for free, but speed-limited access to the Internet will ensure the prosperity of any economy in the upcoming era of Internet of People, Things and Services.