Routing in wireless sensor networks

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Routing in wireless sensor networks

by Jan Egil Vestbø
Supervisor(s) Knut.Øvsthus, Josef.Noll
Due date 2013/05/31
Status Finished
Problem description: Research on sensors communicating through wireless technology has been a research topic for quite some time. Most of the research is based on simulations. Real-world implementations have been used to a minor degree. This thesis shall focus on real physical systems, with the goal of analysis and implementation of the RPL protocoll. This protocol is standardised through IETF.

The foreseen implementation is based on TinyOS with a rudimentary version of RPL.

Initial studies have shown that the IETF version is an extended version of the rudimentary RPL for TinyOS version, thus extensions have to be developed. The outcome of the thesis is a network of nodes with data collection and presentation on an own plattform.

Methods and Tools:
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Keywords WSN, Routing, Sensor

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