SFI CASUS DomainVision Challenges May2019

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SFI CASUS DomainVision Challenges May2019

Title SFI CASUS målbildet industrien
Place Ifi@UiO
Date, Time 2019/05/09, 1100-1500
Contact Person Paal Engelstad
Participants Josef.Noll, Linda Firveld, Paal Engelstad
related to Project CASUS
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Draft Agenda

Del 1: Felles workshop

Welcome (Paal)
Table Round
Introduksjon av SFI (Paal)
Veien videre (tidsplan, innspill)

Del 2: Domain workshops (D1-D4) - Etabler målbildet og problemstillinger

  • D1: Renewable energy production and distribution
  • D2: Smart transport and fleet management
  • D3: Management of critical functions in smart buildings
  • D4: Military defense systems
Intro from ProblemOwner for the domain
Discussion on goals for the domain "How do we see Dx to look like in 2025/2030?"
Discussion on problems to be tackled
Note: please prepare a short summary

Del 3: Summary

Short Summary (5min) by each ProblemOwner
Summary and way ahead (Paal Engelstad)
1500 end of meeting