SINTEF seminar Sundvollen 10May2022

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SINTEF seminar Sundvollen 10May2022

Title SINTEF seminar, Sundvollen, 10May2022
Place SundvollenHotell
Date, Time 2022/05/09, 1000-1200
Contact Person Josef.Noll
Participants Josef.Noll, Ketil Stølen
related to Project SESA, BasicInternet
Keywords 6G, IoT Communications
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The Seminar was organised by Sintef to focus on requirements for future communications

Thumb Title Author Date Keywords
6G Seminar Sintef May2022.png Future Technologies for Sustainable Communications
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SINTEF seminar Sundvollen 10May2022
Josef Noll 10 May 2022 6G, Next Generation Internet, IoT, IoT Communications