School Connectivity and Educational Development 22Oct2021

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School Connectivity and Educational Development 22Oct2021

Title School Connectivity and Educational Development 22Oct2021
Place Teams@Microsoft
Date, Time 2021/10/22, 0840-0900
Contact Person Bhavik Bhula
Participants Josef.Noll, Bhavik Bhula, Chris Lazarus
related to Project BasicInternet, NGINO
Keywords School Connectivity, Ethiopia, Education
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Discuss the development of the educational sector in Ethiopia, and the opportunities for connecting schools

Regarding the points of the meeting

a) Location of each school – we don’t have such a register either, I would suggest a concerted action involving the Government and GIGAconnect
b) University Network: We are currently involved with Aambo, Jimma, Bahir Dar, Ghondor and some other universities, planning a.o. a better suited curriculum towards digital transformation and job creation
c) Educational Network & educational curriculum: You are probably aware of the National Digital Library (NDL) in Ethiopia, which is the base for educational material. But from there to curricula in electronic form is a long way to go.

Suggestion to collaborate with the Nordic EdTech Forum and the Government of Estonia: As part of http:GovStack.Global, we are working on a specific EdTech microservice architecture to enable service & content creation in the regions.


Monday at 11:00h SA time.